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Are name plates still in style?

If there’s one thing you can rely on in fashion, it’s that trends never truly disappear. While they may fade from the mainstream for a time, they often resurface, making a comeback with even greater impact.

You might have owned a personalized necklace in your younger days. Now, you have the chance to revisit that nostalgia with a more elevated and sophisticated twist. Yes, the trend of personalized name necklaces is back and poised to be one of the hottest jewelry trends in 2024.

Let’s delve into the recent resurgence of custom necklaces and explore how you can embrace this fashion revival. By delving into the history and customization process of these accessories, you’ll understand why they remain a timeless essential.

The History of Name Necklaces

Before delving into the recent resurgence of name necklaces, it’s essential to understand their origins. So, let’s take a step back and explore the fascinating history behind this beloved accessory.

Custom necklaces first gained prominence in the 1980s and quickly rose to fame, marking the beginning of their illustrious journey. Along the way, they surpassed several significant milestones:

Cultural Significance: In the early 80s, name necklaces held profound cultural significance, particularly within the Black and Latinx communities. In an essay by Isabel Flower and Marcel Rosa-Salas, they highlight how nameplates provided individuals of color or low-income backgrounds with a means to assert their identity and resist societal pressures of conformity.

Pop Culture Phenomenon: As name necklaces gained traction among people of color, they started appearing prominently in music videos featuring rappers and hip-hop artists. Suddenly, these personalized pieces became ubiquitous in mainstream media, making frequent appearances on MTV and other music channels.

Mainstream Popularity: The 2000s marked the peak popularity of custom name necklaces in mainstream culture, largely propelled by the iconic character Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex And The City.” Once Carrie, the fictional fashion icon, began flaunting her own name necklace, the trend skyrocketed, with everyone clamoring to own their personalized piece. The “Carrie Necklace” became as iconic as her legendary shoe collection.

Examining the evolution of name necklaces over the years offers valuable insights into their recent resurgence. Regardless of shifting trends, personalized necklaces continue to serve as a powerful means of self-expression and individuality, allowing wearers to confidently assert their presence in any setting.

Why the Name Necklace Is Back in Fashion

Even with a bit of historical background, you may be wondering: are name necklaces still fashionable today?

While personal style doesn’t necessarily have to align with current trends, it’s safe to say that name necklaces are very much in vogue at the moment.

Next, let’s delve into the enduring appeal and versatility of customized name necklaces, exploring why they’ve remained popular over the years and how they can elevate your jewelry collection.

Customized name necklaces stay in step with modern trends

As each new decade arrives, fashion experts meticulously analyze the defining elements of that era’s style. Even though we’re still in the early 2020s, there are discernible characteristics shaping this period in fashion history.

Some descriptors for 2024 fashion might include:


The ascent of the internet and the broadening of cultural connections have ushered in a fashion epoch unlike any other. Contemporary fashion draws inspiration from a myriad of global influences.

In an era where individuality reigns supreme (yet is increasingly easy to mimic), custom name necklaces can profoundly enhance your personal style.

Embrace your name, nickname, or favorite mantra as a means to authentically express yourself amidst the evolving world around you.

Customized name necklaces never fall out of fashion

Name necklaces have retained their relevance over the years due to their timeless appeal.

Another trend dominating the fashion scene is minimalism. Drawing inspiration from the effortlessly chic it-girls of the 90s, many opt for a refined and polished aesthetic in their daily attire.

A custom name necklace serves as a minimalist accessory that beautifully accentuates your personality. Begin your day with a touch of elegance by adorning a simple gold custom name necklace paired with understated earrings to perfect your look.

Name necklaces make a striking fashion statement

Custom necklaces not only allow you to flaunt your distinctive name but also serve as a platform to showcase something invaluable: your unique style.

In the 80s, bedazzled necklaces were ubiquitous. In the early 2000s, delicate cursive letters reigned supreme. Today, there’s no standard blueprint for nameplate necklaces. Instead, you can rely on expert jewelers to craft a custom piece that surpasses expectations.

Personalize your necklace to your liking by customizing features like:

Metal – Whether you prefer the allure of yellow gold or the sophistication of sterling silver, your necklace can reflect your preferred aesthetic. Opt for romantic rose gold to add a touch of femininity to your ensemble. Diamond accents – Infuse your statement piece with a touch of sparkle. Incorporating exquisite diamonds into your personalized jewelry elevates it to an accessory you’ll cherish wearing daily. For a heartfelt gift, diamonds convey sentiments that words sometimes can’t express. Font – Elevate your personalized necklace with meticulously chosen lettering. Whether you favor graceful, flowing script or bold, striking fonts, there’s a style that mirrors your personality perfectly. By fine-tuning these elements, you ensure that your custom necklace seamlessly integrates into your collection. Trust your fashion instincts and let your exquisite jewelry reflect the essence of who you truly are.

Name necklaces make heartfelt and meaningful gifts

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but a stunning custom necklace bearing a name holds even more significance.

Customized necklaces provide a platform to celebrate the things that matter most to you. Whether you’re commemorating yourself, showering a loved one with affection, or marking a significant milestone, name necklaces can convey it all. With just a few words, you can convey profound sentiments.

You’re not confined to the traditional path of spelling out a name. You can infuse meaning with other short, poignant phrases, such as:

I love you
Custom necklaces make exquisite gifts for showers, engagement parties, birthdays, or anniversaries. Whatever the occasion, commemorate it with a piece of fine jewelry they’ll treasure eternally. And why not indulge yourself too? After all, a little self-care is essential now and then, isn’t it?

Custom necklaces offer remarkable versatility

Custom name necklaces not only exude style on their own but also effortlessly elevate existing outfits and accessories.

If you think styling a chain necklace is limited, think again. Personalized name necklaces offer endless possibilities for customization and creativity.

Explore the myriad ways custom necklaces can enhance your look by:

Layering with other necklaces – Create depth and visual intrigue by layering your name necklace with other favorite pieces. Choose a smaller chain for your name necklace to ensure the lettering stands out, then pair it with longer chains for a captivating contrast in textures. Adding charms – Embrace the nostalgia of charm bracelets by incorporating charms into your custom name necklace. Whether you opt for DIY trinkets or professionally designed accents, adding charms infuses personality and charm into your jewelry. Coordinating accessories – Complement your custom name necklace with a personalized bracelet or earrings to complete your ensemble. Let your jewelry speak volumes about your personality and style, effortlessly making a statement without saying a word. A truly remarkable accessory transcends the boundaries of a single outfit. With their unparalleled versatility, name necklaces can effortlessly elevate any look, from understated elegance to bold statements.

Name necklaces are a favorite among celebrities

If you’re seeking validation for a style trend, look no further than your favorite celebrities and style icons. A quick scan of today’s Instagram feeds or fashion magazines reveals the prevalence of customized necklaces adorning many famous figures.

Among the celebrities known for flaunting this style are:

Jennifer Lopez
Vanessa Hudgens
Bella Hadid
Kim Kardashian
Emily Ratajkowski

Embrace your individuality by proudly displaying your own beautiful name. Remember, even if you’re not a celebrity, you can still be your own biggest fan. And if you’re in search of a memorable celebrity-inspired moniker, take a cue from icons like Beyoncé and Cher by opting for a one-word title. Now, that’s truly iconic.

Customize your name necklace with DGjewelry

It’s evident why custom name necklaces have such enduring appeal. With their elegant design, distinctive craftsmanship, and rich heritage, these exquisite necklaces are here to stay.

Celebrate the most significant person in your life—whether it’s a child, a partner, or yourself—with a breathtaking custom necklace from DGjewelry.

Our designs uplift, inspire, and empower individuals to share their unique stories. Express your true self by personalizing your necklace, from selecting the metal to choosing the personalized lettering.

Explore our curated collections to uncover your playful spirit and other hidden treasures. It’s time to proudly declare your name—with a little help from DGjewelry.

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