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Supper Professional Service for my New Business

Requirements from WMP Eyewear 

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Quantity: One piece of each design(For sample)
  • Lead Time: one month for mass production
  • Design: Exactly the same as the 3D mock-up
  • Samples Cost: 300USD/each styles

Original Design

Problems & Goals

  • Tag necklace: The angle is curved, not as geometrically straight as the 3D mock-up file.
  • Tag necklace: The enamel color is not the same as the Pantone color provided by the client
  • The connection and inner part are dirty, not clean, and the open part is not soldered.
  • The chain’s color does not match 14K gold, much yellow like 18K gold.

First sample

  • The Angle is curved, and the four angles are not the same compared to the design drawing.
  • Difficulties: The Geometry effect will require sophisticated machines to polish, also the production cost will increase a lot.
  • Which is opening without soldiering, client is not satisfied with it and worries about if the tag will fall off by accident.
  • The inner part is dirty and shows black, which requires us to clean it and show a gold color

Solutions & Results

  • SS Mold Try for HA02, HA03: Secussed try with SS material
  • HA01 Resin: Secussed Try with a Resin material for HA01.
  • HA02, HA03 Resin Samples: To comply with HA01, try resin material for another 2 styles. Success Try for this material.
  • Plating for Resin: The procedure for Resin and stainless, brass is quite different, fixture test another 2 times.
  • Final Result: HA01 production with resin only; HA02, and HA03 can produce with stainless steel and resin material.

Second sample

  • Exactly the correct polishing method, which makes the correct sample
  • Finish sample,correct shape, correct color
  • lean and soldier

Finished sample

This is my first try on jewelry, even we are very expereienced in glasses, we are still quite suprised with what DG Jewelry provide us. We get professional advise, and we get to know technician from them. We learn, and grow together.

If you have any questions about this case study or if you want to do the same thing, please get in touch with us.

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