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Our Story with a leading Saudi Arabic Brand for Stainless Steel OEM Jewelry

Did you ever facing a big pressure when changing supplier because of bad quality samples you received? Did you ever having challenge for very tightly production timeline for your newely series of High End Jewelries? Here is our story showing this type successful partnership.

01 Understanding the clients

1. Inquires from one of our platform

2. Customer Background

TOP2 KSA watch shop and on line selling brand, who owns more than 160 shops in KSA, and their product line are for high end users, the aim users are who want high cost jewelries. It was a 40 years old brand, who want to expand their product line for fashion jewelry.

3. Building Trust

CEO, Marketing Manager and Design Manager pay a visit on our office and factory. Very good impression of each other, we introduced each company’s core value and history etc. DG Jewelry are moved by customer’s word “we will give you lots of order to support your growth”.

We also set a schedule of our next meeting in Hotel to discuss the samples cost and process face to face.

a. Guangzhou SOFITEL Hotel Meeting

Design Manager and DG Jewelry’s group discussing for each style’s production possibility and how to improve based on current samples etc., quoting the cost accordingly too. So we discussed total 77 styles this Day without any rest, so 2 black coffees is not enough during our discussion.

Customer are confirmed to choose us during our happy and very technician disucssion this day, while the samples still not on our hand, i doubts they have some other choices for comparison, so we need further waiting till final decision. Then we settle down our next meeting in few days in HK during the HK jewelry exhibition.

b. HK jewelry exhibition Meetting

Customer and Sparrow (from DG Jewelry) further discussing the trend of jewelry during the show, and finalize the last several detailed product designdiscussion, such as the length of the necklace, clip that will use, and the color of shelf etc.

So it is a harvest day we get all the samples from customer and come back to factory for more detailed review with our quotation.

c. Smooth communication on whatsapp (evidence below) enchance the trust:

  1. it is very important to get customer’s design idea, and understand it, and make it come to reality.
  2. when customer trust you, they ask your idea.
  3. when they start trusting you, they want to discuss with you, and you can disturb them for any question or doubts.
  4. when they trust you they give you a coffee for import tips~~
  5. when they trust you, then give you courage
  6. when they trust you, they never blame you even you repeat the detailed which talked about. they only give you time and trust you. becuase they know what you asking is for the good quality of the samples
  7. you are the channel to coonecting customer’s design idea to a real product.
  8. they value your time when they start trusting you, you spend time, and you are the only one that worth the value.

d. Get Authorized from system:

on the efforts of everyone we finally come into final step of official discussion, and become an supplier of the customer:

e. Final PO

We set up another 2 meetings with Design Manager and 2 meetings with assistant of the company, then we get our final PO for 11 styles of sample order.

02 The sample Journey

1. Sample Order

Official order is for 11 styles of sample, to get more trust from customer and finish sooner, we plan to make 43+ styles sample (including mass production ones).

Official samples order only requires 1 color for sample first, we made 3 color (Gold, Rose Gold and Silver) to ensure we cover everything customer want.

2. Challenges and Custom Solutions

a. Pink color for real shelf

Client requrest: Natural Pink Real Shelf

Challenge: natual color of shelf are white, if i can change natual, i would create an whatever color i want.

Strategy: We tried pink resin cover, it is really urgely, i can not convience myself to buy this neckalce, not to say i can send this to my dear clients (see below left side resin cover we originally come out).i can’t say how hard, but we find a way finally, to paint the backside of the the real natural shelf, and the shelf turns to be looks really great (see below final right side picture).

I have to say what a brilight idea we come out, and clients are very happy about the final color.

b. cloud CNC Zircon dot

Client requrest: Need CNC Zircon tightly and shinning

Challenge: The narrowest area for this zircon is only 0.81 for earrings; The smallest zircon for CNC are 0.8mm, and we need at least 0.15mm each side(total 0.3mm) space for the edge space. We suggest clients change the size to the bottom one, and we failed.

Strategy: Since there is no space for CNC with zircon, so we have to find a way to make a shining dot. After long time discussion, we come out with an fake CNC dot. And then we polishing, so the final product looks very real from some distence.

c. no edge on CNC.

Client requrest: No Edge on the edge of designed jewelry

Challenge: we normally have 0.15mm space, and we get to be constantly caucious and pay more and more accurate on the edge of the jewelry.

Strategy: We set a meeting with technicians and confirm with each process to save 0.5mm space, which coming out the result of the sample without any edge. and the final result are super, and client super happy about us.

d. openning fix on bracelet

Client requrest: Audi girls and women are super tiny hand, they need to have 2 steps of openning for all the bracelet, which will suitable for different type of end users.

Challenge: The normal standard is we design a openning size for end user, and it will suit for most people.

Strategy: We tried more than 5 times and failed to reach the result of the openning clients want, while we finally figured out a machanical change on the back lock of the bracelet, and weld a dot on the fitting area to ensure there will be 2 steps when close and open.

e. Curved bracelet realizes sticking flat shells

Client requrest: Natural Shelf need an Arc looking from cosmetic

Challenge: natual shelf we buy are just flat pcs, and due to the real shelf, there is no elasticity. How to bend to Arc.

Strategy: We want to try our best to meet the detailed needs of customer, and we failed by making a fixture for the shelf. But we using a CNC to make a arc shap for the shelf, and then grinding, final polishing will make the shelf looks shining as the flat one, see below right result we coming out.

Because the bracelet is curved and the raw material is flat shells, the shells need to be bent in order to make them fit snugly on the bracelet.

f. Deformation of Bracelet

Challenge: our normal standard progress for bracelet of those type was CNC then bending to the bracelet shap, and due to too many CNC for the design, the bracelet deformed after bending.

Strategy: We have to adjust the process, we bend them first and then CNC, which increased our cost a lot, and cuase a higher yield rate, while the result of customer’s satisfactory are most important, so we changed to the more expensiver progress even without complain from clients.

3. Target and Aim during our decision

  • We choose quality first when compare to our losing of profit
  • We choose customer satisfactory first when difficult chanllenge we met
  • We choose long term cooperateion when consider lower price we quote
  • We choose customer first when somthing filight with factory’s profit
  • We choose customer’s design first when conflict with process difficult
  • We choose to be the back person of customer’s brand forever, and customer’s profit fist priority too.

4. Sample shipping

a. First Sample

b. Second Sample

c. Third Sample

03 Result and Feedback

We gain super trust from Desginer Manager, he said a lot of good word for us to their CEO even without receiving our first samples, he is help pushing for production order. We were moved by his word, and willing to do more and more to improving without considering about our own profit at all.

04 Production Order

05 Lessons Learned and Future Outlook

Building trust first priority, and pay more and more efforts than customer’s expectation, understanding customers’ needs depthly, very accurate on all aspects from design point and production process too, providing professional advice, solving customers’ problems and persistently providing excellent customer service are the keys to achieving sales closure.

In addition, a good brand image, unique design and superb craftsmanship are also important factors in attracting customers. In future sales, we can learn from these experiences to improve our sales skills and service levels to provide customers with a better shopping experience, thus realizing increased sales performance.

We believe we will get more order based on our mutual understanding of each other, and DG Jewelry will grow better and better with supporting of all our customer.

Sparrow get to say “ a company can be success because lots of person want it to, so about a person” We are so pround to have so many customer want DG Jewelry’s to be success, and we will keep growing and support our customer to win…

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