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Frequently Asked Question


We are a factory that specializes in manufacturing jewelry. We have the capacity to produce large volumes of high-quality products to meet our customers’ demands. If you have any further questions or would like to discuss potential business opportunities, please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

1.In Stock: 12~30pcs
2. Customized amount: 200~300pcs
3. Cutting parts: 100pcs
4. Special case of engineering: another explanation of the complexity of art

Sure, we would be happy to provide samples upon your request. However, please keep in mind that we do charge for the cost of the samples and shipping. If you do decide to move forward with an order, we can certainly deduct the cost of the samples from your total. Please let us know if you’re interested in proceeding with a sample order and we’ll be happy to provide you with more information.

1. The production delivery time is determined according to the order quantity, and the production cycle is 4-6 weeks if the quantity is less than 500; Large lengthening cycle;
2. Inventory delivery time, within one week; Large quantity and longer time
3. In special cases, we will negotiate the time with the factory

1. All stainless steel of our company uses PVD plating, and there is no problem in normal use for 3 years;
2 copper silver is water plated, color preservation is not stainless steel long;
3. At present, the thickness of PVD and water plating in our company is 0.03~0.05u, and both PVD and water plating can be added
Thick plating, thick plating can be 0.05~0.1u;
4. Vacuum plating can be plated 14K,18K,24K, black, silver, rose gold (and color plate color)

We’re a verified gold supplier and trade assurance supplier on Alibaba, any quality problems you can come back to us directly, we will remake for you or refund money.

We welcome your visit or third party inspection of our factory before order. 

Definitely, we’re looking for long time mutual benefit business not one-time business. 

We do 100% in house quality inspection before shipping. We’ll re-make at our own cost for any quality problems on our products. 

Yes, for the samples we have stock, we could offer the free samples but do not pay the cost of freight.

Yes, we have discount policy for old customers or big orders. 

Stock items: shipping within 3~5 days. 

Customized items: 7~15 days for sampling, 10~30 days for mass production. 

Yes, we can do that for your own design and we can engrave your logo on the product.

Yes, we can help you to make custom paper box, bags and stickers.

You can pay us through T/T bank transfers or through AlibabaTrade Assurance paid by Credit Card such as Visa, Materscard, ect..

Payment<=3000USD, 100% in advance. Payment>=3000USD, 50% T/T in advance ,50% balance before shipment.

The gold plating will be about 0.03-0.05μm (micron) for our jewelry products. But actually the gold plating is just a decoration purpose. After adding a process of clear coating over the gold plating, it will last for longer time without color fade.

S925 is a symbol of the silver content of silver products. 925 silver is an ornament made of 92.5% silver. The processing technology of 925 silver is different from sterling silver. Its brightness and gloss are closer to platinum, and its hardness is better than sterling silver. Therefore, 925 silver material is widely used in jewelry. The unique skin-friendly and hypoallergenic properties are loved and sought after by many people.

Under normal condition with good maintenance, the gold plating can last over 1 years without any problem. It is lead and Nickel Free.

But in order to keep it with longer life without color fading, we are giving some tips/suggestions to you as below. Hope it is helfpul.

As long as you maintain them properly, you can ensure that the straps are still as bright as new for several years. No need for this type of jewelry to use very valuable maintenance water for maintenance, as long as you avoid acid and alkali and humid environment.

Humid environment includes: bathing, washing without face, not wearing when sweating a lot, drying with a dry cloth before storage; put a desiccant in the jewelry box where the jewelry is placed; put jewelry in time when the simulated jewelry is not worn In the box.

Specific maintenance is as follows:

  1. Jewelry is often replaced. The same piece of jewelry should be avoided for a long time, especially in the hot summer.The jewelry plating is exposed to sweat for a long time and is easy to corrode, so it is best to prepare multiple pieces of jewelry for frequent replacement.
  2. Jewelry is easily damaged when exposed to chemicals. The aroma during bathing, the chlorine in swimming, and the salt in sea water will cause erosion on the jewelry plating, so all ornaments should be removed before bathing or swimming.
  3. Collision is easy to wipe flowers, storage should be careful, do not overlap jewelry, should be stored in the original packaging bag or placed in a jewelry box with an independent small lattice, to avoid rubbing each other and rub the surface
  4. Clean the jewelry from time to time, use a soft fine brush to sweep the surface of the jewelry, so that the jewelry can remove surface stains.

 The quality of the tags we sent to you are all made from stainless steel material and the gold color, black color, rose gold color were all plated with PVD Vacuum plating process which is the best plating process for stainless steel parts. 

The thickness of dog tag samples to you were with standard gold plated with thickness of 0.03~0.05 microns (not the heavy gold plated ). The surface finish of the samples have the highly polish and the brushed surface finish effects.

Regarding the details regarding the quality of items, yes, both the 18K and 14K is plated over the stainless steel material. All the parts to you are from stainless steel material. 

Do you find any problems about the material or the plating surface? Because these are samples to you, some have kept in stock for a period of time and the color may not be too shiny as it is from the beginning. 

For more durable jewelry, the Gold Filled Jewelry is a very good option. We are not sure how about your definition of the Gold Filled Jewelry?

We can make the stainless steel jewelry with a thicker gold plating such as 0.5 micron gold plating surface. 

  • 0.5 micro thickness plating :  Titanium nitriding PVD processing and gold plating (0.06micro gold plating + 0.45 Titanium nitriding). 

The gold plating surface from such process will be more durable and the color can last for over 2 years without fading. 

For the jewelry, it often has solid gold, gold filled, heavy gold plated, gold plated as below pictures.

What we can do here is the heavy gold plated, gold plated.

Yes, both 18K and 14K heavy gold plating can be done here. We can quote as per this. 

Yes, silver and rose gold color, black color are also often used here. (For your reference, here I attached a color card of the PVD vacuum plating we used for our stainless steel jewelry parts)

No, stainless steel is not the only material we use. The material of our jewelry includes stainless steel, brass and sterling silver. But stainless steel is the main material used (occupy about 50% portion of our jewelry parts). 

Thanks for sending the file for types of jewelry you want to be made. Those models are all within our capability. The colors can be gold, rose gold, silver as per your requests. Actually, for stainless steel material, the silver color often is the original color of the stainless steel after high polish. But for the silver color of copper and sterling silver material, it has to be plated with the silver plating. 

The standard microns for the PVD gold plating is 0.03~0.05 microns. The gold plating can be 14K, 18K or 24K as per requests. It can be marketed as waterproof, but if you want to emphasize this function, we suggest you consider to use the heavy gold plated which makes the plated thickness be 0.5 microns( combined by 0.45 microns of titanium nitriding layer + 0.05 microns of 18K gold coating).

Yes, we confirm to you that the 18K gold plating we are quoting contains real Au elements. 

All the PVD gold plating we done for our jewelry including the samples we have done for you are with the real gold (Au) elements.

Yes, correct. The standard plating for 18K gold is 0.03~0.05 microns.

The black color has more thick plating than the standard PVD gold plated. I will double check and let you know.

If we want to market the SS22 Mens collection as waterproof and want to emphasize this function you have suggested using a heavier gold plating which makes the plated thickness 0.5 microns and is combined by 0.45 microns of titanium nitriding layer + 0.05 microns of 18k Gold coating. For this, please could you answer the below queries for us:

Yes, the heavier plating is still PVD vacuum plating.

For the stainless steel silver color with highly polished, there is no need to add any extra coating/plating over it because the material itself is waterproof and anti-rust. 

If the color 18K gold with heavier plating to be 0.5 microns, the color looks still the same ( it is hard to see difference from the visual checking). 

The black color has more thick plating than the gold plated and it is waterproof. I will double check and let you know.

We have a photo shared to you for the plating color as attached. For the actual plating color card sample, we will  check with the plating factory if it can be available. 

Can’t find the answers to you need?

No problem, please feel free to contact us at any stage of the jewelry-making process and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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