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One-Stop OEM & ODM for 316L stainless steel/silver/copper jewelry

Custom Process

1. You send the jewelry(sketch, draw and picture) you want to custom.

2. We make 3D drawing for you. (1-3days)

3. Sample is made for you. (7-10days)

4. We produce the mass order for you. (20-25days)

Custom Instruction for Stock Design

1. MOQ: 1pc for Stock Design; 30pcs for Custom Design

2. Lead Time: 5-30days

3. Customization Options 

    Plated: 0.03um-2.5um

    Stone: MOQ 30 pieces per design.

    Color: MOQ 30 pieces per design.

    Logo: MOQ 30 pieces per design.

Our company's order receiving process

Our Real Products


DG Jewelry ODM is specially provided for brand companies. At high-e, we have focused on the accumulation of HDX’s strength and resources for many years, providing you with the most comprehensive, professional, and systematic shopping guide services, helping partners quickly open up the market, to reduce costs and expand market share, risk avoidance, and enhancement of core competitiveness.

Ask Us Anything

Yes, we offer discounts for bulk orders. Please contact us with the details of your order to receive a quote.

Wholesalers usually offer diamonds at much lower prices than what you would pay at a branded jewelry store because overheads like distribution and marketing costs are already eliminated. This means that you are buying diamonds from the same place, at the same price, as the fancy diamond jewelry retailers do.

Yes, we offer customization and personalization services. Please contact us with your specific requirements.

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