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Saudi Arabian Customer Procuring Stainless Steel OEM Jewelry: Necklaces, Earrings, Bangles, Rings, Bracelets

Have you ever encountered significant pressure when switching suppliers due to receiving poor-quality samples? Have you ever faced challenges with extremely tight production timelines for a new series of high-end jewelry? Here is what we have personally experienced

Inquires from one of our platform:

stainless steel necklace

Customer Background:

The customer owns a prestigious watch shop and online selling brand with over 160 shops in their portfolio. Their product line caters to high-end users who seek premium jewelry items. With a 40-year legacy, the brand is now seeking to diversify its offerings by expanding into fashion jewelry.

Building Trust

The CEO, Marketing Manager, and Design Manager paid a visit to our office and factory. The meeting was extremely positive, with both parties impressed by each other. We shared our company’s core values and history, fostering a deeper understanding. DG Jewelry was particularly moved by the customer’s commitment to support our growth, expressing their intention to place substantial orders.

Additionally, we agreed to schedule our next meeting at a hotel to discuss sample costs and the production process in further detail, facilitating face-to-face interaction for effective collaboration.

Hotel Meeting

The Design Manager and the DG Jewelry team engaged in detailed discussions regarding the production feasibility of each style and brainstormed ways to enhance them based on current samples. We also provided cost quotations accordingly. Throughout the day, we tirelessly discussed a total of 77 styles without taking any breaks. Despite consuming multiple cups of black coffee, it proved insufficient to sustain our discussions.

During our enthusiastic and highly technical discussions, the customer confirmed their decision to choose us as their partner. However, since the samples were still pending and considering they might have other options for comparison, we decided to wait for their final decision. Consequently, we scheduled our next meeting for a few days later in Hong Kong, coinciding with the HK jewelry exhibition.

Jewelry Exhibition Meetting

The customer and Sparrow (representing DG Jewelry) explored jewelry trends during the exhibition, finalizing the last details of several product designs, including the length of the stainless steel necklace, the type of clip for use, and the color of the shelf. With all samples received from the customer, we returned to the factory for a comprehensive review alongside our quotation.

—–Smooth communication on WhatsApp:

Understanding and bringing the customer’s design ideas to life, especially for stainless steel necklace, stainless steel earrings, stainless steel bangles, 316 stainless steel bracelet, and stainless steel rings, is paramount for success in the industry. Trusted customers actively seek your input and ideas, fostering open discussions and addressing queries and concerns. As trust deepens, clients often show appreciation through small gestures like offering coffee for valuable insights. Trust empowers innovation and fosters patience and understanding, recognizing the meticulous attention to detail required for high-quality samples. As the conduit between the customer’s design concepts and tangible products, your role becomes invaluable. Time, once trust is established, becomes a precious asset, highlighting your position as the sole authority worthy of investment.

Authorized by the system:

After the collective efforts of everyone involved, we have reached the final stage of official discussions and have been officially authorized as a supplier for the customer.

stainless steel earrings

Final PO

We scheduled an additional 2 meetings with the Design Manager and 2 meetings with the company’s assistant. Following these discussions, we received our final purchase order for 11 styles of sample orders, including stainless steel necklace, stainless steel earrings, stainless steel bangles, 316 stainless steel bracelet, and stainless steel rings,O-ring chains, CNC Zircons.

Sample Order

The official order is for 11 styles of samples. To further build trust with the customer and expedite the process, we have planned to produce 43+ styles of samples, which also include those intended for mass production.

While the official samples order only necessitates one color initially, we have gone the extra mile by creating samples in three colors: Gold, Rose Gold, and Silver. This ensures that we cover all aspects of what the customer desires.

Challenges and Thoughts

Pink Color for Real Shelf
Client Request: Natural Pink Real Shelf
The natural color of shelves is typically white, limiting color options.
Thoughts: Initially, we experimented with a pink resin cover, but the result was unsatisfactory and unattractive. I couldn’t justify purchasing the necklace, let alone sending it to our esteemed clients (refer to the original resin cover on the left side). Despite the challenges, we persisted and eventually found a solution. By painting the backside of the real natural shelf, we achieved a stunning outcome (refer to the final picture on the right side).
Strategy: Despite the challenge of the natural white color of the shelf, we endeavored to meet the client’s request for a natural pink shelf. While the pink resin cover proved unsuccessful, we successfully painted the backside of the shelf to achieve the desired look. This solution not only met the client’s request but also resulted in an appealing product.

I must say, what a brilliant idea we came up with, and our clients are absolutely thrilled with the final color.

Cloud CNC Zircon Dot

Client Request: Require CNC Zircon to be tightly and shining Challenge: The narrowest area for these zircons is only 0.81mm for earrings. The smallest zircon for CNC is 0.8mm, and we need at least 0.15mm space on each side (total 0.3mm) for the edge space. Despite suggesting to the clients to change the size to the bottom one, we were unsuccessful.

Strategy: Given the lack of space for CNC with zircon, we had to devise an alternative method to create a shining dot. After lengthy discussions, we developed a solution involving a faux CNC dot. Subsequently, we conducted polishing to ensure that the final product appeared remarkably authentic, especially from a distance.

Client Request: No Edge on the Edge of Designed Jewelry Challenge: Typically, we maintain a 0.15mm space, requiring us to be consistently cautious and increasingly accurate on the edge of the jewelry. Strategy: We convened a meeting with technicians to meticulously review each process and save 0.5mm of space, resulting in samples without any edges. The final result exceeded expectations, leaving the client extremely satisfied with our efforts.

Opening Fix on 316 Stainless Steel Bracelet

Client Request: Audi girls and women have super tiny hands and require two steps of opening for all 316 stainless steel bracelets to suit different types of end-users.
Challenge: The standard procedure involves designing an opening size for end-users that typically suits most people.
Strategy: Despite attempting more than five times, we failed to achieve the desired opening requested by the client. However, we eventually devised a mechanical alteration to the back lock of the bracelet. By welding a dot onto the fitting area, we ensured that there would be two steps when opening and closing the bracelet, thereby meeting the client’s specifications.

Curved bracelet realizes sticking flat shells

Client Request: Natural Shelf Requires an Arc Appearance for Cosmetic Purposes
Challenge: The natural shelves we purchase are flat pieces, and due to their real nature, they lack elasticity, making it challenging to bend them into an arc shape.
Strategy: We are committed to fulfilling the precise requirements of our customers, and although our initial attempt with a fixture failed, we found success by utilizing CNC to create an arc shape for the shelf. Subsequent grinding and final polishing ensured that the shelf appeared as shiny as the flat ones. See the result on the right in the image below.

Because the 316 stainless steel bracelet is curved while the raw material comprises flat shells, the shells must be bent to ensure a snug fit on the bracelet.

Deformation of Bracelet

Challenge: Our standard procedure for 316 stainless steel bracelets of this type typically involves CNC machining followed by bending into the stainless steel bracelet shape. However, due to the intricate design requiring numerous CNC processes, the stainless steel bracelets often deformed after bending.
Strategy: To address this issue, we modified our process by bending the materials first before CNC machining. Although this increased our costs significantly and led to a higher yield rate, ensuring customer satisfaction remained our top priority. Consequently, we opted for the more expensive process despite no complaints from clients.

Target and Aim during Our Decision-making Process:

  • We prioritize quality over profit loss.
  • Customer satisfaction takes precedence when facing challenging obstacles.
  • Long-term cooperation is favored over quoting appropriate price.
  • Customers are prioritized over factory profits.
  • Customer’s design preferences are honored, even if they conflict with manufacturing processes.
  • We aspire to be the steadfast support behind the customer’s brand, with customer profit as our foremost priority.

Sample Progress

First Sample

Second Sample

Third Sample

Production Order

Customer Feedback:

We’ve earned tremendous trust from the Design Manager, who has spoken highly of us to their CEO even before receiving our first samples. His advocacy has been instrumental in pushing for production orders. His words have deeply moved us, motivating us to strive for continuous improvement without any consideration for our own profit. This level of trust is truly remarkable.

Experience We Get

Key Learnings: Prioritizing building trust as the first priority, exceeding customer expectations by investing extra effort, deeply understanding customer needs, maintaining accuracy in all aspects from design to production processes, offering professional advice, resolving customer issues, and consistently delivering excellent customer service are crucial for closing sales successfully. Additionally, having a strong brand image, unique designs, and impeccable craftsmanship play significant roles in attracting customers.

Moving forward, we can leverage these experiences to enhance our sales skills and service levels, providing customers with an improved shopping experience and ultimately driving increased sales performance. We believe that through our mutual understanding and support from all our customers, DG Jewelry will continue to thrive and grow even further.

Sparrow expressed, “The success of a company is not just about the company itself, but also about the individuals who desire its success.” We are incredibly proud to have so many customers rooting for DG Jewelry’s success, and we are committed to continuous growth and supporting our customers to achieve their own victories.

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